Often, making some key tweaks in your copy can have a dramatic impact on your conversion rates.

Nothing can turn things around faster than copy that speaks to the reader’s self-interests.

Imagine this: your prospect arrives at your home page or landing page READY to click away. Why? Because she is so used to being underwhelmed and disappointed when’s she’s online looking for a solution for her problem or need.

Very few marketers present their products and services from their prospect’s point of view.

For some reason, they are under the mistaken belief that the prospect will invest time to figure out if she has found a possible solution to her problem.

Not happening.

The internet is all about speed and relevant information.

Here are 3 things you can do immediately to boost your conversions:

Add a benefit headline. Not some feel good musing or tagline – a HEADLINE. If you implemented no other change, this one can move mountains.

Here’s why: You may have heard it said you have 3-5 seconds to capture your prospect’s attention? Maybe you have never been told why.

Your prospect has one burning question when she hits your site: Is there a possibility I might find what I’m looking for?

Remember what I said earlier about speed and RELEVANT information?

The job of your headline is to send your prospect a message: I know what you want.

Inject some emotion. The copy that appears right after your headline has two objectives.

The first is to get your prospect’s emotions stirred up so you have her “feeling” the way she does whenever she thinks of the unsolved problem or unfulfilled need. That’s VERY important.

This is where the engagement starts with your prospect.Until she is emotionally involved, you don’t have her continuing attention and interest. Think earthquake on the other side of the world. Sad and tragic but, what’s for breakfast?

The second job is to send a message to your prospect that you are intimately familiar with her problem or need – AND the pain and/or frustration that goes along with it. Your copy speaks to it. Picture yourself walking along with an arm around your prospect’s shoulder going, ‘Look, I know what’s it’s like’.

Then you have a couple of paragraphs letting the prospect know they aren’t the only one who has the problem and that there is a solution.

THEN you talk about you and your cred and your solution. MOST marketers start here but guess what? The prospect has clicked away. Why? No romance.

Talking about your software package or your training program right off the hop is the peddler approach.

Switch The Focus Go to ten, random websites and print off their home page or landing page. Take a yellow highlighter and find all the “we, us and our” references. Then, use a red highlighter and look for “you and yours.”

You will be amazed at how little of the copy is focused on the prospect. Hello? Aren’t we trying to make the prospect feel like we are interested in her?

You’d never know it by this revealing exercise.

We’ve all had the ‘talking head’ experience where the salesperson drones on and on about ‘our special this’ or ‘our new that.’ Same thing with a brochure type website that simply has all this stuff plastered on it The marketer is HOPING the prospect will see something she likes. You think Elvis left the building fast?

Converting more prospects into customers and clients is a lot easier if you come at it from your prospect’s point of view.

Give these 3 tips a try and see what happens.

P.S. By the way, my “Copy Critique” service is designed to identify what’s good about your copy, what’s needs improving and offers a written report on what to do so you can enjoy better online response. Check it out here.

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