If you’re getting qualified traffic to your website but not converting much of it into buyers, there’s a good chance you have a leak or two in your online marketing.

And those leaks can make all the time, money and effort you spent to get them there…a COMPLETE waste! 

Many marketers spend TONS of money on SEO and paid ads to attract ideal prospects to their website only to be disappointed by the poor results. 

If this sounds familiar, here’s what you need to know…

Only 5% of first-time visitors to your website are what we call NOW buyers.

A NOW buyer is a prospect who knows what wants, is ready to buy and is in the final stages of looking for someone to buy from.

So you are trying to convert a very small percentage of traffic into a sales opportunity. (I’ll explain what to do with the other 95% in a sec) 

This first common “leak”…one that essentially stops your selling efforts dead in its tracks is this:

Marketing Leak #1: Not using a compelling headline 

If you’re not using a headline on your home page or landing page, you are virtually inviting web visitors to click away…immediately!

You might as well get your web designer to create a banner that says…”Nothing to see here folks!” 

Here’s why: The internet is all about speed and information. Prospects aren’t going to invest more than 3-5 seconds deciding whether or not they should spend any more time exploring your solution if you don’t give them a reason to. 

Ahhhh…you may be thinking…they’ll wade through my content and figure it out themselves, right?

QUESTION: When is the last time YOU did that??!! 

That’s why you NEED a headline!

And not one of those lame duck ones that says something like…”“The Best Sales Software You’ll Find Anywhere!” 😧 

Your prospects have probably checked out 6 or 7 of your competitors by the time they get to your site.

They want to know WHY they should pick YOUR solution. And you need to tell them…IMMEDIATELY!

Otherwise, your visitors will quickly decide they’ve “been there, done that” and click away.

Here’s the the solution: Use a bolded headline (think newspaper) to let your prospects know WHY you’re different. Use the “4U” formula to produce headlines that GRAB attention. Create a headline that is useful, ultra-specific, unique and urgent.

Hint: Prospects don’t buy products and services. They buy what those products and services will DO for them. 

So a strong headline that promises how will their lives be different as a result of doing business with you will give you a chance to engage that first-time visitor.

Okay…on to that second costly leak…

Marketing Leak #2: Not using a lead magnet

As I mentioned off the top, only 3%-5% of your web visitors are NOW buyers. That is…they know what they want and they are just trying to decide who to buy it from THAT day. 

That means 95% of the people who came to your website and DID NOT BUY are prime prospects for your product or service – IF you have a strategy in place to keep marketing to them until they ARE to make a buying decision. 

Without a way to communicate with them, you have no way to continue a marketing conversation with them. 

And all that time, money and effort you invested to get them there?


Here’s the solution: Offer a “lead magnet” that contains valuable, “how to” information in the form of a FREE report, guide or checklist that gives you a way to continue to educate them as to why you are best qualified to help them get the outcome they want.

Your lead magnet should offer an immediate solution to a problem you know your ideal targets struggle with in exchange for the visitor’s email address.

In addition to the two marketing leaks identified above, there are 5 more that could be costing you sales.

Any one of them could push your prospect right into the welcoming clutches of a competitor! 

CLICK HERE if you’d like to learn what they are.

If you could use some feedback on the current state of your online marketing, book a spot on my calendar for a FREE Discovery Session where we can discuss your needs.

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