“Arm Around The Shoulder” Online Copy Will Boost Sales

Your prospect is terrified.

And overwhelmed. Jaded. Pressed for time. Confused. Skeptical. Distracted.  

Mercifully, not all the time. But almost always when he has to make an important purchase or investment. Something that will grow his business. Help his family. Make him look younger. (note: using “he” here for simplicity)


Because he doesn’t exactly understand how things work. And many marketers force him to work too hard to make a buying decision.

They throw a bunch of features and benefits on a web page, pepper it with “we this” and “we that” and enter the “pick me” lottery.

Why not boost your odds by giving your prospect what he wants and helping him get it?

Your online copy can lead him straight to your solution if you follow some basic guidelines that lead him through your selling process.

Notice I said lead. As marketers, that’s our job. The stuff we do listening to the news, keeping an eye peeled on our Blackberry while we scarf down a bagel IS rocket science for our prospect.

That’s why they’re confused, overwhelmed and walk around with their guard up. Often, they don’t know how to buy it.

If you can offer them a structured, sensible path out of the darkness (their problem), you’ve done all you can do.

1. Remember why your prospect is on your site to begin with. He has a problem or a need. This is where a solid understanding your target market comes in. The first thing they should see is a very strong indicator that you can solve the problem they have. Focus on one thing. The main thing. Once you earn their trust, other needs will surface.

2. Remind the prospect how big a problem this is. You want your prospects feeling the pain that the problem generates. Features and benefits won’t do it. Your online copy needs to dredge up the emotions your prospect feels whenever he thinks about the problem he is trying to find a solution for. Keep in mind, he wants to have the problem out of the way. That will allow him to move on.    

3. Tell the prospect you have helped others solve the same problem. Offer proof. Testimonials are good. Stick them right in your home page copy. Name drop if it’s important. What you want at this point is for the prospect to feel comfortable you can do the job. Remember, he’s skeptical and jaded. Unjade him with some compelling evidence.

4. Tell your prospect what you want him to do next. This is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of the process. And often left out. Many business owners have no call to action. Or next step. Probably because many don’t know what the next step should be. A sale? Good luck. Most prospects won’t be buying the first time through. That’s the tough love news. The good news is if you can find a way to continue your relationship with the prospect, you have a reasonable chance of earning his trust and ultimately, his business. Offer a free report, or a trial offer or a free introductory course. Something of value that your prospect will exchange his email address for. That way, you have a way to continue talking to someone who expressed interest in your services or product by visiting you in the first place.

Telegraph the fact that you understand your prospect’s problem, that you know how to solve it, that you have proven you can provide a practical solution and invite him to learn more about you.

With that simple formula, you will take the terror out of buying for a lot prospects who want and need your help.

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