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The video below is a concise and in-depth overview of how to attract more of your ideal prospects and convert them into profitable clients and customers. 

It will also help you identify where your current online marketing might be missing the mark so that you can take steps to fix the leaks and gaps. 

If you’d like to see if this approach might be for you, please watch the video first and then read the information on how I work with clients below the video.


A Proven Online Marketing Conversion Funnel System is the Answer!

Who are the clients I work with?

I primarily work with entrepreneurs and self-employed B2B professionals such as business coaches, consultants and self-employed professionals.They typically help THEIR clients get better results using a diverse range of approaches and disciplines.

My clients have enjoyed a certain level of success and have been self-employed for several years. Their backgrounds are wide-ranging – from working in small companies to large  corporations.

They are trailblazers. While others follow the footprints in the snow, they make them. They enjoy the independence that goes hand-in-hand with doing things their way with having a boss.. They like to help people and make a difference.

They represent a diverse group of men and women from different ethnic groups and cultures. They are intelligent, growth-conscious and bring passion to their work. 

Why a complete marketing “system” is needed

Many of the self-employed professionals I work with face a common challenge…they struggle to attract enough of the clients they really enjoy working with. Their ideal clients share two characteristics. They WANT to make changes and they are willing to invest in getting the help they need to make them. 

Here’s where they struggle…Face-to-face, they are quite capable of talking about what they do and explaining how it will help their clients

Many of their clients come to them via word of mouth. As long as they continue to get a steady stream of referrals, they’re fine. 

But it’s no substitute for having a reliable, repeatable system for attracting more of their ideal clients. 

And that’s the problem…

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners professionals don’t like online marketing and selling.

They find it difficult to communicate the value they offer in their marketing without it sounding like hype, hard-sell or manipulation. Many struggle to “tell” a compelling selling story online.

These are typically some issues they experience:

  • They do not have compelling online messaging that GRABS the attention of their ideal clients and makes them WANT to know more.
  • They are not great at clearly explaining the value of their services and programs so prospective clients really “get it.” 
  • They don’t have a means of recontacting potential clients so they can continue the marketing conversation.
  • They do not have a follow up system in place. Since only 1%-3% of their web visitors will be ready to buy at first contact, they miss out on a huge opportunity by not staying in touch with the remaining 95%.
  • They resist or dislike the whole marketing sales process and find it challenging. 

The marketing funnel I implement for clients includes 4 components

A compelling, attention-getting web copy that clearly communicates the value you offer ideal target clients.

 >  A sales lead magnet offer in the form of a free report or guide that qualified prospects can download in exchange for their email address that allows you so you to continue to educate them as to why you are best qualified to help them get the outcome they want.

>  An automated email follow-up nurturing campaign that allows you to keep interested prospects “warm” until they are ready to buy. Only 1-3% of first time visitors to your website are NOW buyers. Many of the remaining 95% will eventually buy but not from marketers who have no way to stay in touch. 

>  A non-manipulative sales email process you can use to get offers in front of potential clients in an interesting way so you can close more sales when your prospect IS ready to buy. 

Together, these four marketing components create a powerful, auto-pilot marketing “system” that helps you consistently convert qualified prospects into clients and customers.

(All of these are further explained in the video above.) 

What can you expect to gain from working with me?

First off, your confidence will grow KNOWING you have a proven selling system in place.

Of course, you will start to attract and convert more ideal target prospects into profitable clients and customers. 

The anxiety and feeling of being overwhelmed by marketing will fall away as you begin to gain a new perspective of what sales and marketing is actually about. 

Some of my clients just want the fish. But if you’re someone who wants to learn HOW to fish, I’m happy to coach you as we go through the process.

You’ll feel more confident about marketing your business. That almost always happens when you understand what you’re doing and why. 

Marketing your business will be less of a struggle and mystery and you’ll realize that marketing can be done with integrity not manipulation.

How do I work with my clients?

My Proven Online Marketing Conversion Funnel System will take 2-3 months to implement and delivered virtually via Zoom and email.

It’s as hand-on as you want it to be.

To start, what I need from you is information regarding your business and your ideal target client. I will also want a sense of what’s been going on in your business over the past year or so.

In the first month, we’ll meet via Zoom as often as necessary as I build my knowledge of your business and your objectives. After the first month, we’ll meet twice a month. We will use email between meetings. 

Starting out, we will focus on preparation, planning and expectations.

I use an approach where there are checks and balances in place to make sure you and I are in agreement with how I plan to help you achieve the objective of attracting more ideal target prospects and converting them into profitable clients.

You’ll have a chance to learn via through implementation.

It’s all about learning and applying marketing ideas and strategies that work to attract your ideal, high-end clients. 

Marketing is 100% communication. It’s knowing how to communicate the value of your services so that prospective clients become interested, want to know more, and ultimately end up buying from you. 

What does this program help you avoid?

If you’re like many entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, you find marketing your services or products mysterious and overwhelming. 

There are so many things you COULD do. It’s confusing trying to figure out what will work and what won’t. Where do you focus your time, energy and money?

I help you avoid the confusion and overwhelm. Not by giving you some magic formula but by helping you implement a marketing “system” using proven timeless, old-school effective approaches and strategies. No “bright, shiny thing” stuff! 

And no expensive technology either!

How is my approach different?

I have a successful, 25-year sales career behind me selling in too very competitive industries –  advertising and telecommunications. I’m an experienced salesperson who knows how to write direct-response sales copy and implement marketing strategies that work.

My experience comes from helping entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals and small business owners generate successful marketing results over the past 17 years.

The approach I use is practical, hands-on focuses on tried and true, old-school fundamentals that have proven themselves where it matters most – in the marketplace.

See what my clients say.  

What this program is not

This is not a template, cookie cutter solution or an online program where you study videos and documents on your own without support or feedback. It is not about passive marketing such as social media or content marketing. 

It’s not about positive thinking, the law of attraction, or any other mumbo-jumbo. It’s about learning principles and practices that work and then putting them into place.

It’s not even about hope; it’s about RESULTS!

Your Next Step…

If you think working with me may be for you, we’ll set up a 60-minute meeting to answer any questions you may have and make sure the program is the right fit for you and your business. 

CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting

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