Customized “Client Attraction” Copywriting/Marketing Packages

Lead generating sales and marketing solutions that don’t make you feel stupid, cheated, confused or taken advantage of

Whether you’re just starting your small business or giving your website a makeover, quality content is vital.

The words on your website MUST explain your business, sell your benefits, differentiate you from competitors and, above all, convert qualified prospects into clients and customers.

But let’s face it – writing your own business copy can be tough.

Even IF you have the time.

That’s why I created my Small Business Copywriting/Marketing Packages

These packages are for you if:

=>  You’re a small business owner, coach, expert with an endless “to-do” list – most of which has you swamped and isn’t doing a thing to attract new clients and customers.

=>  You’re overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time. You want your business – especially your online stuff – to be much simpler and effective. You’re tired of getting little or no ROI from your online marketing.

=>  You’ve had enough of “feast or famine” where you’re trying to bring in new clients all the time and then, when you do, your pipeline goes dry because you’re busy servicing the clients you brought in. (Income Next Month = Goose egg…Arghh!)

=>  You’re ready stop spinning your wheels and benefit from an easier, no-struggle plan that supports a business based on clarity, clients and consistency.

Why choose me to write copy for your small business?

I have over 25 years copywriting and direct selling experience.

I know how to write direct response copy that attracts new clients.

In addition to writing for over a hundred small business owners and entrepreneurs, I’ve written for big brands such as Kimberly Clark, Siemens, Kenworth.

My clients love me, and love telling me!

I’m reliable, approachable, trustworthy, and guarantee to meet your deadline.

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What does each Copywriting/Marketing package include?

Consultation: A phone discussion where I learn your business and objectives. After the phone chat, I send you a questionnaire that allows for the deeper understanding.

Research: All compelling copy that generates sales leads and attracts new business is based on thorough research. I also cover your industry, competitors and trends.

Copywriting: Clever, creative content that follows timeless, proven direct-response copywriting principles that sell the features and benefits of your business and/or service. (Up to 400 words per web page.)

Search Engine Optimization: Awesome SEO-friendly copy with a special focus on titles, keywords and meta descriptions.

Tone and formatting guidelines: Reader-friendly copy that engages the reader and makes it easy for the reader to take the next step in your buying process.

Navigation and structure advice: Ideas to help you plan your entire site.

Revisions: Two FREE rounds of revisions: Within 30 days of first draft delivery.

Okay, whats the catch?

Gerry BlackIt’s not really a catch as much as it’s a limitation on my part. Due to my workload, I can only offer four Small Business Copywriting packages a month. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete your project. If you need some help, contact me today so you can be sure that your timeline can be accommodated. 

Send me an email or phone me at 905-716-7130 and we’ll schedule a time to talk about how one of these packages can eliminate the struggle and frustration and put your business on the path to painless profits.

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