My website needs a new design that is search engine friendly and generates sales leads.

The days of getting by with a poorly designed website are long gone.

Today’s impatient prospects want information and they want it fast. Yesterday’s “brochure”  website will no longer cut it. You need GREAT design that is search engine friendly and presents your selling story in a modern, professional way and GREAT content that resonates with potential customer.

It used to be that “having a great website design” referred to the look and feel of a website. Today, all that is changed.

Here are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed when properly developing an effective, lead producing website for today’s demanding customer:

What are the most important search engine considerations?

What would be the most effective header image for my site?

What will be the main benefit message for readers on our home page?

What are the major services/products that should be mentioned on our home page without overwhelming the readers?

Where are the best placements for calls-to-action buttons, offers and opt-in forms on my site?

How many landing pages should I have and what should they look like? 

How should our social media buttons be displayed and where will they be most effective?

What should be on the sidebar of each page?

What should the copy and “voice” sound like throughout the content of my site?

These are just some of the questions that need to be addressed when undertaking a successful web design project. Here, at MarketingWriter, we’ve written multiple articles about effective website marketing that meets the demands and expectations of today’s digital prospect – someone who wants to be fed relevant information, wants to learn and wants to feel like they know the company well before making the first contact.

If you’re looking for assistance in answering these questions and want to work with a company that understands how to combine powerful aesthetics, copy, design and strategy into a compelling online presence, contact us today!

My website needs a new design

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