Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit   

Lead generating sales and marketing solutions that don’t make you feel stupid, cheated, confused or taken advantage of

My Marketing Audit Service provides an objective review of your overall marketing. 

When you order a Marketing Audit, we’ll set up a phone interview where we review your website and other marketing tools.

Then, you’ll get a detailed, written report that analyzes your marketing in detail. I tell you what’s good about it and what works, what doesn’t work, what should be changed… and how.

My audit covers your marketing message, your copy structure, strategy and offers. It also includes specific directions for making some quick changes that will immediately make your marketing more effective.

The Marketing Audit gives you a chance to sample my services for far less than you’d pay to work with me for an entire VIP day. 

Your Marketing Audit Investment: 

The fee is $750.00 plus applicable taxes. Payment by e-transfer, credit card or cheque. 

Next Step:

Not quite sure how your marketing stacks up? Email me and put “Marketing Audit” in the subject line or call me at 905-716-7130 today and we’ll arrange for your Marketing Audit where we’ll examine your marketing process and fill in the gaps. 

My Guarantee: 

If you aren’t completely satisfied after your Marketing Audit, I will refund you entire investment – no questions asked. 

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