Lead generating sales and marketing solutions that don’t make you feel stupid, cheated, confused or taken advantage of

MARKETINGWRITER is a Canadian marketing company that offers clear, friendly marketing and copywriting training.

It was founded by me, Gerry Black, author of The CLIC Website Sales Lead System and AWAI-trained direct response copywriter (that’s me there on the right trying to help the photographer as best I can).

I’ve been in the marketing industry for 23 years where I’ve spent many of them reviewing, learning and testing a variety of marketing and copywriting strategies – from the timeless truths to the “bright, shiny thing” stuff – and received valuable feedback on what small business owners and solopreneurs like about marketing their businesses, don’t like and find absolutely mysterious, frustrating and overwhelming.

My training and advice is based on timeless, sales and marketing truths; the effective strategies and principles that build confidence and produce profitable results

MARKETINGWRITER is marketing minus the confusion. There is no guru-speak. No ‘how dare you question The Mighty Oz!’ tantrums. No feeling inferior because you may not know something.

I just offer sensible marketing training that you will understand and that makes you actually enjoy marketing your business. 

Find out for yourself by scheduling a free, no-obligation phone chat where we can talk about what’s going on in your business. Gimme a shout at 905-716-7130 or email me at gerry@marketingwriter.ca


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