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Pick apart any great sales letter and you’ll likely find a timeless, proven formula.

A sales letter that gets results is no accident.

It follows a proven structure and uses words that answer the #1 question your prospect has whenever they are exposed to a marketing message, “What’s in it for me?”

Sales letters – sometimes called marketing letters – help generate new business leads, introduce your products or services, drive traffic to your website and help convert prospects into customers.

If your current sales letters are not producing the results you want…

…it’s time to try a new approach. An experienced copywriter can create a sales letter that captures readers’ attention, excites them about your offer and motivates them to respond.

An outline for an effective sales letter revolves around these 7 questions…

  1. Does it IMMEDIATELY grab the reader’s attention with a benefit-oriented headline?
  2. Does it quickly telegraph the reason for the letter?
  3. Does it show empathy for the reader’s problem?
  4. Does it establish why you’re qualified to provide a solution?
  5. Does it explain why your product is the best solution?
  6. Does it offer social proof that you can deliver?
  7. Does it contain a strong, clear, call to action that compels the reader to act now?

Once you can answer those questions with a resounding yes, then you’ll know you have an effective sales letter that’s nearly ready for sending.

But your work isn’t done yet.

Here are some more sales letter tips…

Writing Copy That’s Easy To Read

Professional copywriters know that readers fall into two main categories: Scanners and those who want plenty of details. That’s why a professional sales letter has what we refer to as a “double-readership” path. The main sales letter has all the information needed to sell the person who wants all the details. Bold subheads, carefully crafted with key selling points allow the Scanner to quickly glance through the letter to see if there’s a fit.

And here are some other tips to make your sales letter catch your prospect’s eye:

Indent copy on both sides of the page so that there aren’t too many words on a line. Keep paragraphs short – three to six lines. Small bite-size blocks are less daunting to readers, especially if they’re reading your sales letter on a computer screen.

Some other copywriting tips and techniques that make your sales letter more visually attractive are:

⇒ Headlines – State your most compelling benefit.

⇒ Bullets – Highlight key points with a vertical list.

⇒ Call-outs – Frame a quote or excerpt in a box.

⇒ Subheads – Break up big blocks of copy for easy reading.

⇒ Grabbers – Use a clever or surprising statement to hook your reader.

⇒ Calls to Action – Motivate the reader to request info., click the link, visit us, buy now, etc.

⇒ Postscripts – Studies show the second most read part of a sales letter is the P.S. Many writers will include a P.S.S..

Use colour strategically. Different fonts and sizes can be effective. Bold type and italics to help draw attention to specific words or phrases.

The key is to create a sales letter that keeps your readers engaged and prevents them from becoming bored. Just don’t overdo it!

Your Sales Letter Copy Can Be Multi-Purposed

The messaging in a compelling sales letter can be redirected to other marketing initiatives.

You can use selected paragraphs and phrasing on your website, in your ads and in other promotional materials.

This is where the fee you pay a professional copywriter can be leveraged over several marketing projects.

Also, your sales letter can be used offline – sent by regular mail – and online.

The big advantage of regular mail is that less marketers use it so your “visability” factor goes up.

Writing Online Sales Letters

Here’s another marketing idea for you to consider.

In addition to e-mail or regular mail, post your sales letter online where visitors to your website will see it.

You can use a few paragraphs or a lengthy page that requires readers to keep scrolling.

Studies have show that long copy outperforms short copy.

Why? Because qualified prospects  WANT information that will help them make an educated buying decision.

The key is presenting the copy in an interesting and entertaining way.

Outline For A Successful Online Sales Letter

Follow this formula for an online sales letter:

Headline – Grab the reader’s attention with a benefit-oriented title.

Opening paragraphs – Explain why you’re writing, establish your authority in the field and reveal your empathy for the reader’s situation.

Features and benefits – Describe the product and the results the buyer can expect.

Specific Details – Don’t generalize. Specifics sell and establish credibility. Subheads – Make it easy for readers to skim the copy and get the basic story.

Testimonials – Quote real customers (and identify them) -who have benefitted from your product or service.

Make An Offer – Show VALUE and give the reader something to say yes or no to.

Guarantee – Give a guarantee that reduces the risk for the reader.

Close – Use a persuasive call to action and create urgency to buy now.

P.S. – Restate your main selling point and compel the buyer to take action.

The Selling Power of an Effective Sales Letter 

“So far Gerry, the response from the sales letter you wrote has been 12.06% – that’s 25% over our projection!” John Andresen, Wyers Direct

So, can you use the tips above to write your own sales letter. Of course!

However if you’re not sure you can convey the passion and belief you have in your product ir service, give me a call.

I will put together the right words to generate leads and sales and inject energy into your sales letter that will help your prospects see that you are the ONLY choice for their needs.

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