Copywriting Fees


Web Copy: $750-$1,250/home page…additional pages 300/ea*

Email Marketing Campaign: 5-7 messages…$1,850-$2,450

Landing Page: PPC campaign…$1,000-$1,250

Sales Letter: $850/first page, $400/ea additional pages

Print Ad: $750-$1,250

Ezine (eNewsletter) Creation: includes basic design, set up, training, content 3 issues $2,750-$3,450

Free Report Sales Lead Magnet: 4-6 pages of unique content (for sales lead generation)…$1,750-$2,450

Feature Story: $2,750-$3-450

White Paper: 6 – 12 pages $3,500 – $5,500

Case Study: 1 – 3 pages $1,200 – $1,500

Press Release: 1 – 2 pages $350 – $525

Copy Critique of Existing Marketing Piece: $300 – $500+


Initial 30 minute Phone Consultation: …FREE

Marketing / Advertising Strategy …$150/hour (minimum 3 hours total which can be broken into two 90-minute sessions)

Monthly Retainer: to be negotiated


Marketing, Product, Competitive Research… $85/hour


  • Signed agreement required for all work.
  • Copywriting fees are payable 40% in advance, 30% at project midway point and 30% upon successful completion of project.
  • Copy critique fees and projects under $1,000 are payable in full, in advance.
  • Applicable taxes are not included in fees above.
  • Two sets of revisions are included in the quote, unless the revision is based on a change in the assignment made after first draft of copy has been submitted. All revisions must be requested within 20 days after copy has been submitted.
  • A website page is defined as up to two screens in length. 

Your Next Step:

Give me a call at 905-716-7130 to discuss your needs.

Are my copywriting expensive or cheap? Read below and decide for yourself……

Every copywriting and marketing project I work on for my clients is built around using timeless sales and marketing truths and a thorough understanding of your marketing objectives.

In order for the solutions I deliver to be effective, it’s important that I take time to understand what makes your target market tick. What are their fears? Concerns? What keeps them awake at night as it relates to the solution you offer?

I need to know what your core marketing message is. If you don’t have one, I work with you to create one. Why? Because you can’t be all things to all people. You need to focus your message on your best prospect.  Why not aim your message at someone who fits the profile of your ideal customer? Someone who you enjoy working with? Appreciates the value you deliver. And has the ability to pay you what you’re worth.

Who are your competitors? How are they marketing themselves? By understanding that, I can then differentiate you from the pack which is the key to outselling your competitors.

I could simply use my experience to write copy for you and create marketing solutions that would probably “seem” pretty good. But that would be fluff copy that wouldn’t stand much chance of getting the attention of your prospects, creating interest and desire and most importantly, moving them to take the action you want.

My job is to use all my knowledge and skills to make your investment in my services self-liquidating. If I do my job properly, my work will pay for itself and won’t cost you a penny.

So now you know what goes into the services I deliver and that they, essentially pay for themselves. You might wonder why they aren’t even more expensive.

First of all, like many of my clients, I’m a small business owner. I know what it costs to run a business. It really upsets me to hear stories from business owners who overpaid for fancy websites and SEO solutions WITHOUT having sales copy and marketing fundamentals in place.

Putting the wrong message in front of the right audience is a complete waste of money. So is putting the right message in front of the wrong audience.

The most important thing in marketing is to get your message right, understand your target prospect so you know how to deliver your message in a way that resonates and finally, find the most effective ways to reach your target market.

I offer all kinds of services that allow clients to make sure they’re going in the right direction. 




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