There are 5 Common, Marketing Money-Bucket “Leaks” Business Owners Suffer From…

How Many of These Leaks Are Costing You Sales?


When I speak with business owners, almost all of them talk about how important it is to bring on new clients and customers. 

And yet, many are throwing profits away because they are suffering from leaks in their marketing bucket they don’t even know are there!

Here are 5 costly mistakes that could be costing you a fortune in missed opportunities:

#1.  No clear, specific marketing message that let’s your prospect know HOW you’re going to change his life

#2.  A weak, boring home page or landing page that doesn’t attract and hold your prospect’s attention

#3.  No sales lead generation magnet like a free report or handy checklist that can offered in exchange for your prospect’s email address so you can continue a marketing relationship 

#4.  No automated email follow up system to keep your prospect “warm” so he’ll remember you when he’s ready to buy

#5.  No compelling call-to-action (CTA) that tells your prospect what you want him to do in order to get closer to solving his problem

If you are guilty of any of these, your business is leaking money –  money you could easily be putting in your pocket – instead of steering it right into the waiting clutches of your competitors. 

Countless studies show that people searching on the Internet for solutions to their problems eventually buy from someone. It only makes sense that someone is YOU!

So, how much money ARE these “leaks” costing you?

Consider this…here are some clients who decided it was time to fix their leaky marketing buckets:

Our landing page conversion rate has increased by over 28% and we’re seeing sales results we had never imagined possible.”  – Lisa Borg, VP Marketing Life Clinics

“We are now averaging 5-10 qualified leads per day based on the web copy you wrote for our site. It’s unbelievable. We were hardly getting any before.” – Elizabeth Gomes, Yonge-Eglinton Laser Eye Centre

“I wanted to let you know we had over 50 downloads of the insiders guide over the weekend and they just keep coming in!”– Susan Milne, Epiphany Studios

“I don’t know what you’ve done but my newsletter sign ups have probably tripled!” – Mark Mitchell, Wizard Strategies

Only you know exactly how these kinds of results would impact your business. But I’m betting, they would have an immediate and lasting impact! 


“The Marketing Money Bucket Repair Service”

What you get:

▶︎  Detailed, written review of your website with special attention paid to your home page (or landing page). I tell you what’s good, what needs work along with some specific directions for improvement.

▶︎  Creation of a clear, compelling marketing message that tells your ideal target prospect EXACTLY what he can expect from you.

▶︎   Rewritten home page or landing page centered around your marketing message and the needs of your prospect        that offers a compelling benefit delivered using persuasive sales copy. 

▶︎   Creation of a unique free report or guide or checklist you can use as a lead magnet in exchange for your prospect’s email address. That way, you can continue to market to him. The report or checklist will provide the reader with useful information that will help establish you credibility. By the way, (designed to be sent out automatically as soon as the prospects enters his email address)  

▶︎  Creation of an automated, email follow up campaign that educates prospects who download your free report. This email campaign is a very soft-sell approach designed to educate your prospect and establish the critical “know, like and trust” factor that must be present before your prospect will buy from you. 

▶︎  Creation of a strong, clear call-to-action so your prospect knows EXACTLY what you want him to do next.   

Your investment…$9,750.00* (plus applicable taxes)                                                                      *payable in 3 even instalments

Do YOUR math and see if this isn’t one of the smartest investments you could make for your business… 

…conversion rates have increased by over 28%…

…5-10 qualified leads per day…

over 50 downloads of the insiders guide over the weekend…

my newsletter sign ups have probably tripled

Ask yourself this: how many sales would you need to make this investment self-liquidating? Two? Five? Ten?

I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

So, what’s the next step?  call me at 905-716-7130 or email me at  

Let’s set up a FREE CHAT to talk about what’s not working, what’s sort of working and how we can fix things – FAST!

Make sure to download of my 11-minute FREE VIDEO “How to get more people to buy from you TODAY!” You can get it up in the right hand corner of this page. 

You’ll get some proven strategies on how to immediately generate more sales leads from your marketing

THEN, if you like what you learn, you can contact me and we can talk about your business and how I can help you fix the money leaks in your marketing budget so you can put more money in the bank. 

Isn’t it time to do something TODAY to jumpstart your business?

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