Inject Your Personal Selling Power, Personality and Passion Into Your Marketing and Watch Your Sales Soar!

       √ No more feast-or-famine rollercoaster

       √ Eliminate marketing frustration

       √ Generate predictable sales results

       √ Stop working so hard “in” your business


You know, it’s a funny thing…

If you put most Independent Professionals – coaches, consultants, speakers – in a personal, one-on-one selling situation, they shine!

Their passion for what they do is obvious. Their prospects are completely won over by their personalities. Often, they don’t even feel like they are selling. These encounters often lead to mutually beneficial relationships. 

Why? Because in an individual selling situation, they are able to establish the all-important “KLT” factor – people do business with other people they “know, like and trust.”  

However…when you look at the messaging in their marketing – their website, emails, sales letters – it’s like you’re looking at a completely different person.

No personality. No passion. No personal selling power.

Instead, their marketing is an unemotional, soulless collection of stuff they’ve cobbled together that reduces them to services and products peddlars like their competitors.

The result? Marketing that leaves them feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and…not attracting enough new clients

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

The good news? Your opportunity to leave your competitors behind is there for the taking. 

Countless independent professionals – who don’t have marketing departments and copywriters – suffer in silence as they keep spending money on marketing that doesn’t give them a reasonable ROI.

That’s a huge problem if you want to grow. After all, there are only so many one-on-one meetings you can participate in each week. Leveraging the selling power of effective marketing is what allows you to scale up and take your sales results to the next level.

That’s where I can help.  

Stack the Selling Odds in Your Favour

Here’s the timeless truth: The ways you reach your prospects and customers will come and go. But the way your prospects THINK and BEHAVE hasn’t changed. They make emotional buying decisions and back them up with logic. That’s why your results are so successful when you’re face-to-face or on the phone with a prospect.

Your passion and personality are what attracts and holds your prospect long enough for you to be able to build up that “know,  like and trust” factor while you explain to people how your product or service will change their lives and give them what they want.

Your marketing MUST create that same feeling.

Hi. I’m Gerry Black – a strategic copywriter and marketing trainer.

I got my chops from 20 years of successful selling experience in two extremely competitive industries – advertising and telecom.

And I combine what I learned during my sales career to help independent professionals create marketing messaging – in their web copy, landing pages and emails – that “connects” with their prospects much the same way it happens in one-on-one selling situations.

It’s made a huge difference for these clients:

“We are currently tracking an increase of 25% in conversions compared to the first week of December and a 44% increase in conversions over the same time frame last year.” – Lisa Borg, VP Marketing, Slimband

“We are now averaging 5-10 qualified leads per day based on the web copy you wrote for our site. It’s unbelievable. We were hardly getting any before.” Elizabeth Gomes, Yonge-Eglinton Laser Eye Centre

“So far, the response from the sales letter you wrote has been 12.06% – that’s 25% over our projection!” John Andresen, Wyers Direct

“Gerry has this ability to turn your website wording, copy or direct email marketing from blah to fabulous. He knows and understands how people are responding to emails and websites to get you the attention you are looking for.” – Laurie Ann Murabito, Leadership Keynote Speaker

All roads lead to your website. And if your web copy doesn’t use the words and strategies needed to attract qualified prospects, develop their interest and lead them to take the next step in your selling process – the same thing that would happen if you were there to greet them – you’re going to lose out. 

Here are just a few of the copywriting and marketing issues and strategies I help you address: 

  • The 4 STEPS for transforming your website from a passive, online brochure into a direct response sales tool and the EXACT ORDER to do them in. (If you ignore what comes first, you will completely sabotage your selling efforts)
  • The undisputed FIRST STEP you need to take BEFORE you do anything else involving a rewriting of your website.
  • 7 specific questions your visitor wants answered when they arrive at your site for the first time.
  • How to easily create client and customer testimonials that CONVINCE your visitor you can deliver what you say you can.
  • The ONE WORD you must avoid using on your home page if you’re serious about generating sales leads from your website.
  • How to tap into your visitor’s mind so you know exactly how to grab their attention when they visit your website (many of your competitors have no idea how to do this).
  • The #1 SELLING OBJECTIVE of your website (it’s not what you think!)
  • The most important call you need to make if you want your website to generate sales leads. If you don’t do this, you’re wasting precious marketing dollars and steering prospects right into the clutches of your competitors.
  • Why getting tons of traffic to your site is a complete waste of time – unless you make sure you can do this ONE THING when it arrives.
  • How to get your visitors to put up their hands and identify themselves as interested in what you have to offer – and know EXACTLY when they made the decision to do it!
  • The biggest mistake sales business owners make when working with a web designer – and why it virtually guarantees your website won’t generate sales leads
  • The first thing you need to do once your web visitor arrives on your site. If you don’t this, everything else means nothing.

So, what’s the next step?  call me at 905-716-7130 or email me at  

Let’s set up a FREE CHAT to talk about what’s not working, what’s sorta working and how we can fix things – FAST!

Or, at the very least, go to the top of the page, click on the Click Here For Free Instant Access button and you’ll receive an immediate download of my FREE Report, “7 Questions Your prospects Want Answered Before They’ll Do Business With You.”

You’ll get some proven strategies on how to immediately generate more sales leads. 

THEN, if you like what you learn, you can contact me and we can talk about your business and how I can help you inject your copy with the same personal selling power, passion and personality that you use so successfully in one-on-one selling.

Do something TODAY to jumpstart your business.

More sales leads, faster by injecting YOU into your marketing.





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